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Frequently Asked Questions

You can make an appointment by ringing up the hospital contact numbers 0471-2449200/2449300/9447300556. You can also come directly to the hospital between 9 am and 12 pm from Monday to Saturdays and meet the doctor without a prior appointment.

Usually, the appointments are once a month till 7 months of pregnancy and once every two weeks till 36 weeks and once weekly after that till delivery. This may change depending on the patient and other coexisting problems that are associated with the pregnancy.

Currently the hospital does not look after Covid positive patients. All patients and the bystanders are screened for Corona virus by either RT PCR or by antibody tests. Those who are confirmed positive are sent to other hospitals according to Govt of Kerala Guidelines.

In the wake of Corona the hospital does not permit visitors to see the patients. This is for the safety of the patients as well as the visitors due to the large number of asymptomatic carriers that have been reported in the spread of the corona virus.

At the moment one bystander can be with the patient. It may be a male bystander if it is a single room, but has to be female if it is a ward.

3 days( 2 nights) and hospital stay required for a normal delivery and 4 days (3 nights) for a cesarean under normal circumstances. May increase if there is increased bilirubin ( jaundice ) for the baby.

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