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Treatment Guidelines

The year 2020 has become one of the most challenging years that we have all witnessed over the last five decades. From a carefree exuberant outgoing life all of us are being advised to wear masks and stay indoors for our own safety. The COVID 19 virus has affected over 4 lakh population in India and has caused almost 500,000 deaths globally. Our economy is severely hit with the industries like tourism, event management and airlines completely in a standstill and the lockdown that we had has severely affected the daily wage earners. Today patients are scared to get out of their homes, forget coming to hospitals.

But during these challenging times we at Gowreesha Hospital want to assure our patients that we are with you and we share your concerns. To show our solidarity with our patients we have made the following measures to ensure that our patients are safe and cared for during these uncertain times.

  1. We have made it mandatory for all patients as well as all staff in the hospitals to wear masks. We have kept sanitizers in the entrance to the hospital and in the respective OP rooms for the use of patients as well as doctors and we record the temperature of all the persons at the entrance.
  2. We are permitting only the patients to enter into the foyer and are requesting the bye standers to wait outside and only enter the foyer at the time of the consultation. This also helps in social distancing inside the hospital
  3. We are conciously reducing the number of antenatal visits from the pre corona era and this is tailored individually so that the patient as well as the baby is completely safe during the antenatal period.
  4. We are requesting patients to advise all visitors from coming to the hospital during their stay in the hospital.
  5. We have pledged not to increased the tariffs for the various services this year and maintain the number one position in terms of affordability among the private hospitals in the city.
  6. We are available to our patients by phone and our telephonic consultations are free like earlier.

The welfare of our patients and their loved ones are of paramount importance to all of us, the staff at Gowreesha Hospital. We encourage you to be safe and healthy and together we shall overcome these unprecedented times.

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